1.7 Tonne Mini Excavators

1.7 Tonne Excavator Hire in Sydney

Are you looking for a reliable mini excavator that can be delivered to your site for excavation and earthmoving? Is a space a challenge at your site? You need to hire a specified machine that can carry tight access excavation and maneuver in minimal available space. With our 1.7-tonne excavator hire service in Sydney, we at EX-CON HIRE are the best name you can turn to!

Our top-of-the-range 2020 Hitachi ZX17u-5 1.7 tonne mini excavators come with a bit heavier outlay than their 1-tonne counterparts. However, that does not deter them from accommodating tight access excavation and demolition works. They come with retractable tracks that can be decreased and increased as per the need. It has the provision of retracting to a minimum width of 980mm. Besides, it comes with a removable canopy, which can be dropped to as much as 1550 mm from 240 0mm for height restrictions at the site.

Besides, our rental 1.7-tonne excavator in Sydney comes with a wide range of attachments that include buckets, rippers, and optical trailers

Why Do Our Rental 1.7 Tonne Excavators in Sydney Make a difference?

EX-CON HIRE is the home to some of the best technicians, who would use all their expertise and experience to maintain our rental construction equipment in Sydney and keep them at the best of conditions at any given point in time!

Our Hitachi 1.7 Tonne excavators for hire in Sydney come with a wide range of accessories that will facilitate seamless operations and maneuverability.

We offer the best and affordable quote with easy terms and conditions that will suffice your needs to the fullest.

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